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We're Mena, AR's security self storage experts

Safe storage for your things

Not all self storage units are created equally. When you need more than just a tin shed to put your possessions in, we have the solutions you need. Our Mena, AR facility have all the features you need to keep your items safe, secure, and protected

Mini Storage amenities

• Locks are provided
• Lighted and insulated
• Sizes 5x10 to 10x40
• High security system
• Open 24/7 days a week


We guarantee the integrity of our self storage units including our security staff, procedures, systems and equipment. We guarantee that we will provide a safe storeroom in Mena. If a breach in our system did occur, it would be our number one priority to rectify it immediately. We always pay attention to detail, from blown lights to unannounced visitors. Nothing gets past our team.

Lighted and insulated

We guarantee that all are units are in top condition. At U-Lock-It, we are aware that some items are susceptible to damage from exposure to extreme temperatures, that's why our self storage units are insulated. Our lighting and insulation systems are serviced regularly and we have a secondary power supply if there is ever a power outage in the Mena area. U-Lock-It is the safest place to store your gear all year round.

Building integrity

U-Lock-It guarantees the integrity of all our security structures. We regularly check areas that can be prone to wear and are constantly on the lookout for any possible leaks or weaknesses in structure. Damage to property should never occur due to issues such as a leak, however if it did, you would be fully covered. Our mini self storage units in Mena means peace of mind wherever you are.

Mena, AR's finest self storage units

We have the extra space you need
When you're out of room it doesn't mean you're out of luck. When you need reliable and safe security self storage in Mena, AR, you can count on the team here at U-Lock-It.
Whether you need extra space for your small business, or have to clear a room in your home for a guest or because the kids are coming home from college, our security self storage facility in Mena is up for the challenge.

Extra room

Just like countless other homes and businesses in Mena, you need extra storage space. Our security self storage units come in many different sizes, which means we have the right storage space for you. Whether it's a suitcase of old dress-up costumes or a truckload of office furniture, we'll store it for you for a month, a year, or as long as you need.

Safe and secure

Nothing is as important to us as the security of your stored items. Our security self storage units are controlled by a high security lock system with 24 hour 7 days a week access. What does that mean for you? You can rest easy, knowing that your goods are in safe storage in Mena.

Easy storage solutions

Our goal is easy security self storage. You have access to your things 24/7, without needing on-site managers. Access is easy with secure computerized entry. Payment is easy with our automatic credit card billing service. And if you need safe storage boxes or other moving supplies, we can help with that too. Call us in Mena today.
Close up of a security self storage unit in Mena, AR
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